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A thoughtful, insider view of The Five Percenters-a deeply complex and misunderstood community whose ideas and symbols influenced the rise of hip- hop.
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Log In Connect With Members. Cart 0. It opened my eyes to what God truly is and why history was rewritten the way it was. Written by Dr. Supreme Understanding - a long time member of the Nation of Gods and Earths. It is a must read if you want to learn more about the Nation of Gods and Earths.

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In the Name of Allah, Vol. Why I Am a Five Percenter. Click Here For Details. All other races are merely non-god mutations of the Blackman.

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Some Five Percenters have been accused of promoting chauvinism and misogyny. We need to know that there is a feminine and masculine principal or consciousness that is considered the God or the Creator. It's not a male, like religion will tell you. It's what brings creation forth, so there has to be an acknowledgement and respect for her in order to bring back the balance.

In religion, in Christianity and in Islam, in all religions There is no gender type, we all have the components that make the physical. We all have the components that make the physical. Allah is the all in all. How can we be the all in all if "all" isn't included? When challenged by some male Five Percenters, Tawanna defended her position and was declared by Justice to be "more God than some of the men!

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With these artists, and any others associated with the Five Percenters, music was more than just a message. In the early s, this spread was in part due to early adherents teaching when away at college or in the military and, more famously, because of the rise of hip hop music. The main theme of the NGE doctrine spoken on hip hop records were the teachings that black people were the original or first human life to walk the planet, that the Blackman is God, the Blackwoman is Earth, and through the inner esoteric powers of the Gods and Earths, the youth can transform and possess its true potential , which aspires to overthrow the overbearing oligarchy by becoming just rulers of themselves.

This especially meshed well with conscious themes found in other golden-age hip hop recordings. Early hip-hop acts affiliated with the Five Percenters, and who spread its teachings through hip hop, include two MCs of the late s—early '90s conscious-rap era— Rakim of Eric B. These two acts, as well as some of their other contemporaries, infused Five-Percent teachings and symbolism throughout their music and videos.

The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New York

This reputation brought fans of Rakim in particular to refer to him as the God MC. Five Percenters were the innovators behind early hip-hop slang, including "Word is bond," "Break it down," "peace," "droppin' science," and "represent. Five Percenters in New York City were a visible presence at parties during hip hop's formative years of the s.

Scene pioneer DJ Kool Herc recalled that while there was a heavy gang presence in attendance, the Five Percenters were also there as a de facto peace-keeping element. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Soft Skull Press. Smith Islam in America. Columbia University Press. Duke University Press. He grew up a white kid in upstate New York surrounded by people who hated blacks, based on his comments. The Islam that he converted to was Sunni, which is the most common form of Islam and what we, in the West, are really thinking of when Islam is mentioned to us.

This is the form of Islam prevalent all over the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, with the exception of Iran and parts of Iraq, which are largely Shiite. Knight learned Arabic, went to school in Pakistan, and freely admits could have easily wound up as John Walker Lindh , taking up arms as a Jihadist in Afghanistan.

On returning to the United States, I got a strong sense that he had a lot of difficulty in figuring out the line between traditional Islam, as presented to him in the Middle East, being a Euro-American convert, and living in a pluralistic world exposed to all sorts of philosophies, ways of thinking, and ways of interacting with the world. Knight is clearly a smart guy and is quite consciously aware of the situation that he found himself in. For myself, as an Euro-American convert Buddhist by way of more than 15 years of Neopaganism , his struggles speak to me as well.

I have to walk the line of what really is Buddhism, questioning the traditional teachings, deciding which teachings, when dealing with a 2, year old tradition, are applicable or important in my experience today without just being a dilettante who skims the surface.