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Summer job with J. Get pregnant. Start Hunter.

The Harvard wife

Sept-Oct: Cedric's deportation hearing on charge of alleged CP membership in Oct 2: Sally does it. Oct 5: Mary and Nicky deported on Queen Elizabeth. Oct 7: Sally to Long Island for illegal abortion. Oct 9: home to airshaft.

Dec 9: Cedric deportation ordered; appeal announced. Jo doing medical internship. Sally wasting time at Hunter, weekends at WP. Mary working in British women's mags. Cedric's deportation goes through; he and Jo arrive in London August. Sally decides not to go back to NY after all.

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Never informs Hunter: dishonorable discharge. Cedric as "Editor-in-exile" of Guardian travels round Europe. J studies for new set of medical exams. Sally gets job with John Calder Publishers as "junior" for 4-pounds a week. Goes to live in luxury N too in Grosvenor Square with frequent trips to Bermuda; still does magazine work and books on health and beauty.

Sally gets engaged ring, the works to Jim Chesterman, publishing gentleman. Art Dept of Cassell's dissolved in favor of boss's son taking over.

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Sally, typography career over, unable to afford to live in Paris, uses 50 pound savings for World Youth Festival in Moscow 47 pound. Cedric there too. Sally falls for Vladimir Pozner and determines to stay. Offer of bed and board from family of Ralph Parker, Daily Worker correspondent.

Rumba From Congo to Cape Town (PDF) | République démocratique du Congo | Afrique

Meanwhile all Festival Americans invited to China illegal: letters from State Dept threaten jail and fines. Sally takes trial ms. OK for job. Move in with Parkers - share room with student stepdaughter. Fail to get on with Mrs P; publishing house arranges room in communal flat. Very cold, Moscow. No see Pozner again for 30 years. He acts as go-between with US embassy; reports she must leave or be considered a defector.

They start an affair and go back to London, where he lives, together. US publisher offers cash for possible book; Joe eggs Sally on to do it. Sally does it. Book big hit: serialized, 9 translations, attacked on both sides of curtain. Sally, solvent at last, signs on at London School of Economics. Supreme Court finally allows passports to all Americans: droves of visiting lefties at 16 TS. Israeli Mapam party chum of Cedric's invites Sally to write about kibbutzim. Bill Pirie comes bearing mescaline: many parties.

Sally falls for visiting NY pal of Cedric's, Mill. ER says "You really ought to go to the Arab countries first to see what Israel was built out of. Intended 2 weeks in Arab countries extends to 2 months as Palestinian situation becomes clearer. Israel: work in various kibbutzim picking onions, pruning citrus trees, etc, plus travels throughout meeting Israelis and Palestinians; back on circuit of Arab countries; Israel again.

Accused of spying for everyone. Nicky student at Antioch briefly. Continues tour, then back to Israel for more agriculture and people meetings. Home after a year. Sally tries to write novel since Palestinians are unpopular as straight subject. Fails to consider can't write novel. Friends with Kathrin Perutz.

The Education System of South Africa

Jo and Cedric call it quits; Cedric moves to Havana with Mary. Sally depressed, accepts invites everywhere to distract, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Klosters skiing with rich and famous. Will she ever write again? Nicky ships out as seaman; then starts French degree at London U.

Marion Ross (physicist)

Also meets Ben Sonnenberg: to Berlin then boat around Cyclades. Fancy hotels, meals, clothes. End up in his place on Costa del Sol where we write our fictions and live a worse one. Granny dies Aug age Divorce from Sari comes through "I divorce her I divorce her I divorce her". Sally gets hepatitis, recovers in record time.

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Bull fights with Tynans. Fancy abortion in London. Trips to Paris, etc. Cedric and Mary tour Latin America studying effects of Cuban revolution. Put up at Tuscany Hotel; meet Bernardo in breakfast crowd. Cuba to visit Cedric and Mary. Decide not to rejoin Ben, who meantime has returned to Europe. Write in daytime.

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  5. Live with lawyer, Michael Standard, in the Bowery. Leave Standard. Meet Palmer Weber through Jules Feiffer. Start 3-year flat-share with Alexandra Emmet, E Sept: Travel around Mexico with Cedric and Mary. Trip to London - Ben.