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Since about it has been commonly assumed that Israel has been a nuclear- weapon state. The Israeli nuclear program, however, has remained.
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While a number of countries helped Israel acquire nuclear weapons capabilities, France in particular played a key role , assisting in the construction of a reactor and reprocessing plant, and providing engineers and technical assistance. Israel is also believed to have stolen intelligence and materials necessary for making atomic weapons, including from the United States.

Has Nuclear Ambiguity Outlived Its Shelf Life?

Israel has maintained a policy of neither acknowledging nor denying having the bomb, and is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty NPT. According to the deal, Israel agreed not to test nuclear weapons or publicly acknowledge having them and in return the U.

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Since , the U. Israel's nuclear weapons program was revealed to the world in by whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, a former technician at Dimona who approached the Sunday Times with proof of its existence.


After being convicted of espionage and treason, Vanunu served 18 years in prison, including 11 in solitary confinement. Although this agreement has never been openly acknowledged or documented, its existence was revealed in by the Israeli journalist Aluf Benn, and more information came out in some recently declassified memos regarding Nixon's meeting with Meir written by Nixon's national security adviser, Henry Kissinger.

According to the Nixon-Meir pact, as long as Israel did not advertise its possession of nuclear weapons by publicly declaring or testing them, the United States would tolerate and shield Israel's nuclear program. Ever since, all U.

Israel and The Nuclear Bomb

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Who gave Israel a nuclear bomb?

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